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San Pablo Arts District Fund (SPAD) is a 501(c)(3) community benefit organization focused on cultural and economic revitalization through the arts.

The San Pablo Arts District fund’s (SPAD) mission is to bring contemporary art to underserved areas. Fostering financial and cultural revitalization through visual arts in communities suffering from economic downturn.

By bringing visual art to alternative spaces and creating art initiatives or partnerships, we foster an exchange between artists and the community.

We are forming a narrative that embraces creativity as a central theme attracting businesses and patrons to invest in the area.




The narrative of the San Pablo Arts District Fund unfolds as a harmonious composition orchestrated by three visionary founders, each wielding a distinct palette of expertise. Idan Levin, a luminary in business strategy, cultivated an artistic vision for the organization. His commitment to combating urban blight through the transformative power of the visual and literary arts birthed the concept of the San Pablo Arts District.

Tracey Snelling, an internationally acclaimed visual artist, enriched the narrative with her unique aesthetic language. Through the curation of sculpture, photography, and installation, she sought to infuse the Golden Gate District with a tapestry of artistic expressions, creating a canvas where local and international artists could converge and captivate audiences with their visual and literary narratives.

Terry Quan, former Chief of Operations for the Global Heritage Fund, contributed a wealth of expertise to the symphony of founders. His role in cultural heritage development seamlessly integrated with the mission, aligning the fund with a global perspective on the transformative potential of the visual and literary arts.

While Terry and Tracey have transitioned from formal board positions, their legacies endure, woven into the fabric of SPAD's visual and literary arts programs past and present.  The mission persists: to cultivate an enclave where the arts flourish, empowering communities through the evocative power of visual and literary expression.

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